The Group of Thermooptical and Photothermal Spectroscopy
of Dr. Mikhail A. Proskurnin

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March 13, 2010: Group publications are now organized as a standalone blog-like site at (partly in Russian). Some posters are available online with 4shared service.

About Us

This site briefly summarizes the techniques and instrumentation used in the scientific research and developments of analytical photothermal spectroscopy in Moscow State University.

The Background

The group was founded at the Chemistry Department of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1986 under the supervision of Prof. Yuri Ya. Kuzyakov, the dean of the Department and Prof. Ivan P. Alimarin, the full Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the head of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the University and the head on the Council of the Analytical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. From 1991 it is headed by Dr. Mikhail A. Proskurnin.

The group was created as a workgroup dealing with various problems of thermooptical (photothermal) laser spectrometry (initially, thermal lensing only) in various aspects of analytical chemistry, analytical instrumentation, and chemical analysis. With time, the mainstream of group scientific interests remained the same, although it became more diverse covering the problems of hyphenated techniques, the analysis of solids and surfaces, microscopic variants of photothermal spectroscopy, and micro-Total Analysis Systems or (mTAS).


Post-graduate students graduated 7
Students graduated 35
Foreign students involved 2
Total students involved 150
Awards won 23
Long-term grants participated 25 


Investigation of thermodynamics and kinetics of analytical reactions in solution and at the surface at the nanogram level by thermal lens spectrometry Russian Foundation For Basic Research (Grant number: 01-03-33149)

Investigation of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of analytical reactions of several transition metals in batch and flow conditions by laser-induced thermo-optical spectroscopy. Russian Foundation For Basic Research (Grant number: 98-03-32827)

Thermal Lens Spectrometry in Ion Chromatography: The Development of Theoretical Principles and Generic Experiment G. Soros International Science Foundation (Grant number: MZ009)

Development of a chromato-thermal-lens spectrometer. Priority Direction 08 of the State Scientific and Technological Program of the Russian Federation

Development of the method of thermal-lens detection in the flow for a high-sensitive liquifd analyzer. State Scientific and Technological Program of the USSR «Priority Direction of the Development of Chemical Science and Technology #29, «Analysis»»

Development of the method of chromato-thermal-lens spectrometry of trace organic and inorganic substances. State Scientific and Technological Program of the USSR «Priority Directions of the Chemical Science»

Development of the methof of thermal lensing of of trace organic and inorganic substances. State Committee of Education of the USSR

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