This is my first attempt 

to present my photos about speleology,

about mountains and caves, 

where I am lucky to be.

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I would like to thank my brother Dmitrii Kuznetsov for opening of speleology world for me 

and my teachers and instructors Vlad Bolgov, Max Konvisar, 

Dmitrii Spinov,  and Aleksandra Kositsina.

Hearty thanks to my friends and all the people that were with me in expeditions.

Especially thanks to "BAR'ER" speleoclub of MIPT, which unites us all.

Vorontsovka, this speleo region lies in Western Caucasus. It involves a number of caves: Labirintivaya, Prometei, Kabanii Proval and Dolgaya. The total length of routes is more than 10 km. In this speleosystem, beginner speleologists usually have practice. In this caves, my acquaintance with speleology has begun.


Alek mountain range (Western Caucasus) contains a huge number of caves. Here, everyone can find a cave corresponding to their speleo experience. Thus, Alek receives a lot of speleogroups every year. And, of course, in winter Alek is very splendid.

Olga Cave (- 507 m) on the mount of Fisht (2870 m) (Western Caucasus) was discovered by our speleoclub in 1988. This cave has two entrances differing in about 500 m. However, the mount of Fisht is interesting for me not only for its caves, but also for very beautiful mountainous amenities.

The peninsula of Crimea is the favorite speleo area for all the generations of speleologists. The plateau of Karabi, Dolgorukovka (Krasnaya Cave) and other speleo regions and caves of Crimea attract the  attention of novice and professional speleologists, who want to show the beauty of the underground world to their children. 

The plateau of Zagedan (2700 m) is a large speleo area in Karachi-Cherkess. In my opinion, only pleasant remembrances about this expedition remain. The wonderful mountainous country, fantastic lakes, and beautiful caves. Owing to my friends, I brought my best collection of underground photos from this place.  

Moria Cave (- 550 m) (Karachi-Cherkess region, a mountain ridge Dzhantu (2300 m)) is my personal record: at a depth of 550 m underground! This is a very beautiful, extraordinary, and interesting cave, at the same time dangerous, difficult, and challenging. Sometimes, I think that this cave has change my life

2001 Vera V. Kuznetsova

Photo 1996 - 2001, Vera V. Kuznetsova

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